Why Choose Statica?

Static Outbound IP Address

Route your outbound traffic through a load balanced pair of static IP addresses via our proxy. This allows you to integrate with third parties that require a known IP for whitelisting or to open your own firewall to allow secure traffic through.

High Availability

All plans provide a load balanced pair of IP addresses so if one IP fails traffic will automatically route through the second IP.

Low Latency

Our proxies run in the US-East-1 (N. Virginia), US-West-1 (Oregon), EU-West-1 (Ireland), EU-Central-1 (Frankfurt), AP-Northeast-1 (Tokyo), AP-Southeast-1 (Sydney) and SA-East-1 (Sau Paulo) Amazon regions – so we can serve you best. You will automatically be provisioned to the proxy in your app region for ultra low latency.

Increase your Database Security

Whitelist your Statica IP addresses and use our SOCKS proxy to route all your database traffic via your Static IP addresses. Prevents unauthorized access from unknown IP addresses.

Dedicated IP Address

Dedicated IP addresses are available on request for Enterprise plans and higher.

Professional Support

We answer emails. We do one-on-one setup assistance. Don’t believe the hype? Just email us and see for yourself.

Detailed Analytics

Use your Statica Dashboard to see your requests in realtime and view historical usage.

Search Your Request Logs

Search your request log from your Statica Dashboard to inspect past requests.

Friendly plan limits

What happens if your app gets more traffic and you exceed your current limit? Don’t worry! We’ll keep processing your requests. Somebody from our team will get in touch and discuss an upgrade plan whilst your app still sails smoothly along.

Available On

Our integrations let you get started on the platform of your choice in seconds.